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    27 November at 14:37 from atlas

    Hi everyone. ...

  • Thanks

    14 July at 18:26 from atlas

    Looks great, better than before the earthquakes


    12 May at 18:19 from atlas

    Good to be working up on the hills again, several degrees warmer over the winter months.

  • Stonework memorial seats

    9 July at 21:58 from atlas

    Great to be able to finally see my stone memorial seats still in one piece, now some of the walkways around the hills are opening up ...

  • Concrete Art commissions

    14 August at 20:18 from atlas

    I have been making these pictures for 15 years and they last.  Commissioned artwork sold includes a school, walk way path ...

  • Testimonals

    9 August at 21:57 from atlas

    Re wall.....I had such confidence in your ...


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