Townscapes for stonework and hard landscaping. Concrete art designed for indoor and outdoors. Paving. Stonewalls. Memorial seats. Landscaping.

Stonework and paving 28 years of experience and 17 years as Townscapes Limited. I concentrate on landscaping residential and small commercial sections.

I started in horticulture and have a diploma in Parks and Rec from Lincoln University. In the UK I worked for a landscaping company that specialised in stonework, for 3 years. I loved it.

Paving includes stone paving, cobbles, bricks and concrete pavers.

Stonework ranges from low dry stone walling, to mortared shaped rockwork and riverstone walls. Crafting can depend on budget and the final look you want to achieve. I will not compromise on safety ie foundations and fixings.

Concrete artwork, they may look like paintings but they are not. This unique art form combines sculpture and pictures

Commission art work undertaken.

Please phone or email if you have would like to discuss your landscaping needs. Stone work, paving, memorial seats or art in concrete.

Regards Geoff Mahan

Townscapes Ltd Christchurch for landscaping, paving, stonework and concrete art.


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    27 November at 14:37 from atlas

    Hi everyone. ...

  • Thanks

    14 July at 18:26 from atlas

    Looks great, better than before the earthquakes


    12 May at 18:19 from atlas

    Good to be working up on the hills again, several degrees warmer over the winter months.

  • Stonework memorial seats

    9 July at 21:58 from atlas

    Great to be able to finally see my stone memorial seats still in one piece, now some of the walkways around the hills are opening up ...

  • Concrete Art commissions

    14 August at 20:18 from atlas

    I have been making these pictures for 15 years and they last.  Commissioned artwork sold includes a school, walk way path ...


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